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call for photos
If you got some photos from the exhibitions in rum46 in arhus, showing hardware orchestra, i would be glad to receive and post them here.

send photos to ro*at*lux.to. tks!

call for programmers/participants
If you know how to control CD-Rom/3.5 Floppy drives OR you know good resources OR you got new ideas OR you wanna become a hardware orchestra participant, mail me or leave a note in the shoutbox.

what is hardware orchestra?
hardware orchestra animated linehardware orchestra transforms an old computer into a cool sound sequencer. Hardware Orchestra looks like a disrupted PC taken right out of a trash bin. It can be easily used for teaching the hardware architecture of a computer. Besides enjoying the view of a demolished piece of technology you can also become a sound-maker using this unique tool. Hardware Orchestra is an organic unity of hardware and nothing recorded. Parts of the hardware become musical instruments: hard and floppy drives, system speaker, fan, even CPU makes sounds, responding to the software commandes.

(Written by Alexei Shulgin - Description for the exhibiton in rum46 in Arhus.)